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“ Great British Weekends: Brighton ”

The Sunday Times

May 18th 2014

Fill up at the New Club, an American-style diner opposite the West Pier on King’s Road; have a brioche breakfast burger with a home-made patty and a runny egg. The Breakfast Club, a bacon-vodka cocktail and certified hangover cure, is worth knowing about, too

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“ Top 10 Budget Restaurants and Cafes in Brighton ”

The Guardian

August 21st 2013

Such is Brighton's fascination with burgers that the New Club even has one on its breakfast menu: a sausage patty with egg and melted cheese on a glazed brioche bun. Its finely shredded Boston "boxty" hash browns, served with bacon and fried eggs is, likewise, typical of this sharp US-influenced bar-diner. Later its menu runs through a tick-list of hip "dirty" diner classics, from pastrami sandwiches, fish tacos and fried chicken to burgers

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“ Three of The Best Brunch Spots ”

The Sunday Times

May 19th 2014

“ Eating Out ”

The Rough Guide

May 19th 2014

Part coffee house, part New York-style American diner, this hip seafront place is open from breakfast through to dinner; start the day with American pancakes…or stop by later for a 35 day-aged burger or pulled pork sandwich with red slaw…Great cocktails too, plus imported American beers and bourbons

“ The Best Places For Brunch and Coffee in The UK ”

Stylist Magazine

April 23rd 2014

An independent coffee house combined with an NYC-style eatery? Why not. Best for those who want to impress trendy friends and if you're after something a little bit different on the coast

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“ 6 Things…to do in Brighton this May ”

Sainsbury's Magazine

May 1st 2014

Cool burger place on the front – we loved the Dirty Burger with red slaw and flashed greens – and the chocolate tasting plate we shared was nothing short of superb...

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“ Brighton’s Top Ten Restaurants ”

Britain's Finest

May 1st 2014

by Andy Lynes
"This casual seafront joint brings US-style dining to Brighton. The buttermilk chicken and 'dirty burger' with hickory smoked onion and bacon relish served in a tasty brioche bun and excellent fries are must orders and the range of strong modern cocktails will knock your socks off. Breakfast is a big deal here - try the full classic with hash brown latkes (potato pancakes)."

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“ Brighton Visitor's Top 10 Quick Eats 2014 ”

Brighton Visitor

December 23rd 2013

The lofty interiors, whilst functional, really do give a feel of the funkier districts of the Big Apple. The menu features burgers, salt beef, pulled pork, fried chicken and a few vegetarian and daily fish specials, all reasonably priced from around £7-£10

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“ 2013's Hottest Restaurants ”

Waitrose Kitchen

December 23rd 2013

The New Club - a stylish, US inspired seafront bar restaurant. Chef Tom Griffiths cures his own pastrami, low-smokes the Club's pulled pork, and takes enormous pride in his burgers

“ World's Best Bars - The New Club ”

World's Best Bars

September 30th 2013

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“ Cool Stuff - The Five Star Burgers ”

Shortlist Magazine

September 30th 2013

..a genuine five-star burger

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The Graphic Foodie

September 22nd 2013

The New Club is achingly cool. Sat overlooking the Brighton seafront, with a lofty interior, wall graphics depicting classic New York apartments, exposed bricks and mid-century dining chairs. Food is served by the young, the bearded and the tattooed on enamelware dishes. It’s very fitting with the trend for Americana fast food and its Dirty Burger has the acclamation of being one of the UK’s top 5*

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Tea, Cake and Make

September 16th 2013

Tom and his team at The New Club work seriously hard and are pioneers in the food industry right now

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Sunday Cinnamon Club

October 16th 2013

The New Club has kicked things off to a very good start, their menus are experimental and brilliant and the passion in the kitchen is clear for anyone to see. Staff are sexy, friendly and attentive yet relaxed, getting the vibe just right

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Design My Night

January 30th 2014

From brunch and hearty beef burgers to cocktails, The New Club are coming up trumps when it comes to States style chow

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Gastro Geeks Guide

September 13th 2013

I would highly recommend The New Club, for both breakfast and lunch/dinner, the chefs really know what they are doing..

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“ Top 5 Cocktail Bars ”


June 21st 2014

The New Club is a must-visit for any Brighton local and visitor. Situated on the easily accessible Kings Road, the views of the West Pier and surrounding beach are beautiful around sunset and The New Club’s external south facing seating area is always a crowd pleaser

From brunch hangover cures to pre-dinner drinks and classic cocktails, the drinks menu at The New Club certainly has something for every occasion. The refreshing Cucumber and Elderflower Fizz is fantastic on those long, hot summer days.

Whether it’s a boozy weekend, a quiet drink with friends or a date, The New Club is a brilliant establishment to spend a few hours in. Make sure you get there early and bag an outside table for an evening of premium cocktails and delicious LA inspired food

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“ Our Favourite Places For Breakfast ”

We Love Brighton

July 7th 2014

The New Club boasts a mouth watering range of inventive breakfasts, hang over cures and ‘hard’ brunch beverages. You’ll get your full fry up for £9 but the stack of buttermilk pancakes with optional blueberries/ Greek yoghurt/ maple syrup bacon is also worth a go. If you're feeling up to it the hard brunch beverages include the Chorizo Bloody Mary – House infused Chorizo vodka, house smokey spice mix, lemon juice, tomato juice, port & steak sauce with cucumber & chilli pickle served tall over ice.

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“ My Favourite Brighton Cocktail Bars ”

Social and Cocktail

July 21st 2014

With views of the sea and the remains of the West Pier, The New Club should be a must for every visitor to Brighton. As well as serving gourmet American fast food, the bar is just as visit worthy. With a very cool NYC eatery style, they are now gaining national recognition for the effort they are putting into their food and drink. The cocktail menu is divided into three sections. Start the evening with their fresher, pre-dinner drinks like the Tre Bellini (crème de peche, peach puree, peach bitters and Prosecco) or one of their whiskey flight selections. The Club Classics list includes twists like Cherry Cola Bottle (Amaretto, Cherry Heering, cola syrup and lemon juice).
And finally, top the night off with the dessert cocktails, which along with the usual sweet options list drinks like the Rock & Rye (Rye Whiskey infused for a few days with Rock Candy, Orange, Lemon and Maraschino Cherries, served with an Aperol rinse).

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“ Review - The New Club's Weekend Menu ”

Places I Eat Brighton

August 5th 2014

The New Club has been receiving unfailingly positive reviews – including ours here – since it first opened in March 2013, and with good reason. Its laidback, American coffee-house feel coupled with awesome food, great cocktails, friendly staff and an unbeatable location bang opposite the West Pier has made it the perfect place for all-day dining.

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“ Top 10 Dates in Brighton ”


August 3rd 2014

The New Club is the perfect place for a breakfast date. It’s relaxing atmosphere, inventive (but delicious) food and excellent hospitality makes for a great experience. We’d recommend the full classic breakfast (which, on a separate note, is VERY good for a hangover!)
They also serve dinner and cocktails, so if the date is going really well you’ve found an all-day venue!

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“ 17 Ways to have a Perfect Gay Weekend Brighton ”

Gay Star News

May 23rd 2014

Not only can you drink bacon vodka early in the morning, but there are also stunning views of the sea.

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“ Fried Chicken at The New Club ”

Rosie Posie's Puddings and Pies

June 5th 2014

Anyone who's familiar with me, my blog or any of my social networks, will know that I am a devoted fan of The New Club..

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“ An Indie Experience: The New Club Brighton ”

Brighton Style Magazine

June 19th 2014

The whole menu is prepared from scratch using local, seasonal ingredients, so you know you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to quality

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“ Breakfast at The New Club, Brighton ”

Breakfast at Caroline's

October 6th 2014

A small slice of American pie on the seafront of Brighton, give it a visit when you're next at the seaside.

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“ The New Club ”

We The Food Snobs

August 21st 2014's definitely the sort of environment we could see ourselves frequenting if we made the move South. Similar to the joints you find in Shoreditch, we felt very at home, and the service was spot on!'

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“ Gluten Free Burger at The New Club in Brighton ”

The Gluten Free Dining Guide

October 30th 2014

I love it. Located right on Brighton seafront at the bottom of Preston Street, the restaurant / bar has a relaxed atmosphere and the staff are friendly and chatty – exactly the kind of place that you want to kick back, chill out and enjoy a blimmin’ good burger.

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“ Valentine's Menu at The New Club ”

KTP Eats

February 23rd 2015

..the food is always beautifully presented, genuinely exciting and unique..

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“ 19 Ways To Cure Your Hangover In Brighton And Hove ”


April 6th 2015

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“ Places to Eat ”

Best of Sussex

April 13th 2015

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“ Where to get the best Pimped Out Bloody Marys in the Country ”

The Debrief

April 24th 2015

Feeling ropey? Don't worry, The New Club won't leave you hanging in the cold. Their 'Hangover Cures’ and 'Hard Brunch Beverages' menu do exactly what they say on the tin. They're getting meaty in here with their Chorizo Bloody Mary (house infused chorizo vodka, tomato juice, port and steak sauce, cucumber and chilli pickle, and lemon Juice). That's breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted then.

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“ Hangover Cures at The New Club Brighton ”

The Fashion Fictionary

May 25th 2015

That fact that we just kept going back for more is a testament to The New Club! You don’t normally catch me eating in the same place when I’m away for the weekend but we just couldn’t resist!

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“ The New Club Brighton ”

Humbug House

May 18th 2015

A great little diner with craft beer, cocktails and good honest food which has an excellent location on the front..

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“ The Best Brighton Restaurants and Cafes ”

Time Out

August 11th 2015

a lofty, retro-style diner opposite the seafront where you can wake yourself up with a blast of salty sea wind and a Chorizo Bloody Mary

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“ Get Up and Go ”

The Sunday Times Food Magazine

October 4th 2015

The morning after the night before, Brighton locals flock to this hip, NYC-inspired joint. Both the sausage and bacon brioche buns come with a 'hangover cure dressing' and the 'hard' brunch beverages include the breakfast club, which uses house-infused bacon vodka, and Kentucky Fizz, - bourbon with prosecco. There are towers of buttermilk pancakes for those with a sweet tooth, and 100% arabica coffee is a handy pick-me-up.

“ Britain's 25 best places to eat at the weekend ”

The Times

November 7th 2015

This seafront restaurant was originally based on a diner that the owners stumbled across in New York, so you’ll find brunch options such as the breakfast roll in a brioche bun (£5) and cinnamon buttermilk pancakes (£7) alongside items such as avocado on sourdough with za’atar pesto and poached eggs (£7). There are lofty windows that look out over the beach, and in the summer it has a lovely sunny terrace on which to laze.

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“ The UK's best Hangover Cafes ”

December 14th 2015

The New Club is a taste of New York on the South Coast with what might be Brighton’s best burgers. The range of quirky cocktail hangover cures (most of which contain alcohol) including “The Breakfast Club” are certainly not for the feint of heart…

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“ Best Places for Brunch in the UK ”


January 22nd 2016

This is New York meets Brighton seafront. There are enamel dishes and their burgers are much acclaimed, but we digress. They serve a mean breakfast and good coffee – we’re talking full classic breakfast, breakfast burgers, pancakes and brioche bacon rolls. And did we mention the great views?

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“ The Best Breakfasts in Brighton ” Blog

April 7th 2016

This hip NYC-style diner perched right on the seafront is the perfect place to hunker down for breakfast, brunch or both! All high ceilings, exposed brick walls and huge windows overlooking Brighton beach, its a little taste of the Big Apple by the seaside. Try the warm brioche rolls stuffed with organic sausage, perfectly fried eggs and a zingy jalapeño butter, blueberry and cinnamon pancakes or smashed avocado on toast with za’atar pesto and poached eggs. However, if you’re going to do the New Club properly, get on and sample the joint’s menu of breakfast cocktails. Bloody Mary lovers will love The Breakfast Club, a meaty take on the classic featuring bacon-infused vodka, chipotle chilli and a crispy rasher garnish, while the breakfast martini is gently laced with lychee syrup and rose petal liqueur. But if you’ve really gone to town the night before, you might need the ultimate hangover slayer – the rather ominously named Last Corpse Reviver, a herby blend of bathtub gin, absinthe and green Chartreuse – it’s guaranteed to raise the dead (or the merely very hungover).

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“ The New Club – a fixed point in an alarming world ”


October 25th 2016

..really, there are few better ways to beat the Tuesday blues than cosying up with a better-than-average latte overlooking the rain-lashed old pier.

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“ 16 great places for a lazy weekend brunch in Sussex ”

Sussex Life

November 4th 2016

Paradise for brunch fiends, the New Club was inspired by the brunch scene in the US. Tasty options at the King’s Road venue include poached egg and avocado on sourdough, cinnamon buttermilk pancakes, brioche bacon rolls, and Mexican eggs. Wash it down with something from the Hangover Cures menu (such as a Bloody Mary, or a vodka-spiked Hard OJ & Lemonade), as you soak up the sea views

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“ The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Brighton ”

The Culture Trip

October 25th 2016

The New Club is a trendy new coffee house located right at the seafront in Brighton that serves modern American cuisine. The venue features a hip diner style, attracting a predominantly young crowd. The New Club’s owners, who traveled extensively throughout the US before opening this restaurant, have successfully created an authentic American feel in their establishment. The brunch menu includes a classic English breakfast option, but also an inventive Mexican egg dish with a spicy chilli tomato sauce and pepper salsa for the more adventurous breakfast types. In addition to their classic breakfast options, the New Club serves a great selection of bagels. They also exclusively use organic eggs and are happy to prepare vegan options upon request.

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“ The New Club Brighton (Matty B Recommends) ”

MattyB Bakes

November 29th 2016

The New Club may be more well known in Brighton for its breakfast and brunch menu but I think it's time their dinner offerings had the spot light shone on them as they were all incredible. I'm so pleased that I walked past them on the way to our hotel otherwise we would never of had this amazing meal! The vegetarian options in particular were all unique and exciting whilst the cocktails make it a great place to dine if you are celebrating a special occasion with friends and family. The New Club is one club in Brighton I'll be coming back to again and again.

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“ The 20 Coolest Restaurants in Brighton ”

Shortlist Magazine

December 29th 2016

Being something of a party town, breakfast - and brunch - is something of a big deal in Brighton. The New Club is where Brighton’s jet set trash end of a gloriously bedraggled morning. Modelled on a retro US-style diner the food is unsurprisingly bold and brash. The full English is sharp; flavour of the month smashed avocado on sour dough (Club Toast) is punchy, but best of all is its take on Mexican Eggs (Huevos Rancheros). The piquant tomato sauce a perfect bedfellow for the golden eggs.

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“ Find the Best Brunch in Sussex ”

Inside Sussex Magazine

December 21st 2016

The owners of The New Club want to serve good, honest food using top quality ingredients, which is exactly what they do.

Top three brunch dishes:

Mexican eggs: organic eggs, chilli tomato sauce and cheese served with caramelised corn and pepper salsa, sour cream and warm corn tortillas.

Organic poached eggs with slow-roasted tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, avocado, halloumi and grilled bread.

Smashed avocado on sourdough with za’atar pesto and poached egg.

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“ Eating in Brighton: Breakfast Edition ”

Pages from Beth

January 15th 2017

There is nothing I prefer more than going out for breakfast, it beats the bog standard cereal or toast any day and we are not short of options in Brighton. The New Club does not lie when they say they help beat that hangover as my friend had 'The English' and she said it hit the spot! The pancakes were divine as well the blueberries gave it that sour tang to counter act the sweet taste of maple syrup and the mixed berry juice went down an absolute treat!

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“ Top Brighton Breakfast destinations to start the day… ”

Seen in the City

February 7th 2017

The brunch menu at this seafront restaurant, offers everything you could want to start the day. It offers plenty of choice, from the traditional full-english, to pancakes to Mexican delights. The cinnamon buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberries, mascarpone, chantilly and maple syrup are really exquisite, satisfying any sweet cravings you may have!

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“ 5 Unique Ways to Brunch in Brighton ”

Design My Night

March 11th 2017

Do It By The Sea
Brunch at The New Club

It's pretty hard to wrangle a spot by the sea, but The New Club pitted other restaurants to the post, snagging a location that looks prime upon the old pier. Not only can you snag a seat outside when the sun hits, you can gorge on breakfast plates the likes of smashed avocado on sourdough, and cinnamon buttermilk pancakes (£7). Look, I've been here on a hangover, I can vouch.

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“ Brighton's Best Brunch Spots ”

Wriggle Magazine

August 4th 2017

You can't miss The New Club on the seafront and inside you'll find great views of the old pier and the sea twinkling back at you through its large windows

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“ My Favourite Brighton Brunch Spot ”

My Food Muse

August 30th 2017

Brightonians are spoilt for choice when it comes to memorable breakfast experiences. However, in my opinion, The New Club stands out above the rest and delivers on the holy trinity of dining: location, service and, most importantly, food

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“ Pancake Day 2018: The 10 Best Places to Celebrate ”

The Independent

February 3rd 2018

The New Club is a beach front eatery in Brighton inspired by everything brilliant about New York, especially the pancakes. They’ll be doing a vegan–friendly stack topped with maple pear slices, pomegranate and candied pecans, as well as some savoury pea pancakes with smoked salmon, poached egg and cream cheese.

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“ The 7 Best Burgers in Brighton ”

7 Travel

August 12th 2019

The sort of place where you come and want absolutely everything on the menu. Their brunch dishes, waffles, cocktails and avocado toast are all to die for, but you can’t miss the burger.

Classic in style, it is perfect to match with their huge selection of craft beer and kick the feet back and chill with friends.

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August 12th 2019